Hi, I’m Lizzy Bean, the Producer and Director of “A Christmas Carol,” by Charles Dickens – a dramatized, fully-casted audiobook recording. This project grew out of a personal, life-long love for Dickens’ classic Christmas story of reflection, self-improvement, redemption, and goodwill to all. I have participated in almost a dozen theater productions of this beautiful tale, and even met my husband during one of them!

For years I had dreamed of producing my own version of this story, inspired by the style of an old time radio show. The moment to do so became urgent when a dear friend – a prolific director and mentor to myself and many others – was diagnosed with ALS. His was the loving and tender voice I had hoped to capture for Bob Cratchit, so I jumped on the opportunity to produce this beautiful story with a full cast of talented actors – friends and family, alike.

I hope our interpretation warms your heart and inspires change for the better. I hope we may all remember, to paraphrase Charles Dickens,  to open our shut up hearts more freely, to raise up our eyes, and to think of one another as fellow-passengers on this earth, even amidst our differences.

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